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Introducing A Breakthrough in Robotic Spraying!

robotic spraying

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  • True batch one production
  • Auto generation of desired spraying patterns
  • Auto detection of part geometry and cut-outs
  • Auto color changing
  • Auto part rotation
  • Auto spray tip cleaning
  • Autonomous cart delivery system
  • Auto in-line curing

MiR AMRs Improve Safety and Efficiency

MiR Mobile Industrial Robots

Today’s logistics and manufacturing operations demand high efficiency workflows while maintaining a safe environment. MiR AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots) collaborate with employees to maximize efficiency and safety.

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Our Partners

CMA Robotics - Partners
Kuka Robotics - Partners
MiR Mobile Industrial Robots - Partners

Our partners at CMA are the market leader for the supply of anthropomorphic robots and complete customized solutions for industrial painting, sealing, top-coating, and adhesive spraying.

Kuka is our partner in material handling solutions and offers a comprehensive range of industrial robots. You will always find the right one, no matter how challenging the application.

MiR is our partner in AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robots) solutions. They specialize in the automated materials transportation with the use of pallets, carts and shelves.

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